About Us

Tally Planet is a venture of Xplore Systems which was formed when a team of professionals having strong business process knowledge, young minds and passionate hearts and those who believed in only one word EXCELLENCE…pooled their individual resources & experiences to provide complete turnkey solutions for projects in the field of Information Systems.

Our reputed quality and performance have been won by hard work, ambition, honesty. We have provided quality solutions for more than 20 years and are a one-stop-shop for all your Information technology requirements. We provide a spectrum of solutions to enable you to communicate faster, better, and more effectively and efficiently.

Xplore’s team consists of experts bringing together diverse expertise in the areas of Software, Networking, Security, Accounting and Business Practices, Internet Technologies etc. Based out of two offices in Fort and Mira Road in Mumbai, we are well equipped to handle the most demanding tasks.

We haven’t been involved in Tally based services since our inception. But we have always delivered the very best in every field that we served. We are now selling and supporting Tally for over 10 years.

We at Tally Planet specialize in Tally implementation where we study and improve the way our clients use Tally. This practice is going on…Strong and Steady. To overcome the practical problems we face during implementation, we started with Tally Customization. Today we are providing unique solutions to practical problems that many other vendors have turned down for the fear of failure.

We at Tally Planet, still feel that we are only at the beginning and the sky of opportunities is beckoning us. Today, we are a Certified Partner for Tally, catering to customers all over and from a wide variety of spheres.

Why Tally Planet

Tally Planet has a rich experience in implementation, which includes consultancy, design, development, implementation and training. We enhance value to our customers by bringing to the table an excellent understanding of business processes.

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