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Tally Digital Signature TDL

As per the normal system of invoicing, we either take a printout or write the details in a pre-printed format and then sign it using a pen and stamp it. In this manner, the invoice gets a legal value. What is Tally Prime digital signature or as some call it Tally digital signature tdl?

Now we are moving towards increased digitalization. Most companies today, use some software to generate the invoice which is then manually signed and stamped. Tally Prime digital signature module takes this one step further, we can generate the invoices from Tally Prime and instead of printing it we can digitally sign and mail it.

Digitally signing of documents is not a default feature of Tally Prime product. To digitally sign your documents from within Tally, you need to additionally purchase the Tally Digital Signature tdl from Tally Planet, a venture of Xplore Systems which is a certified Tally Partner from Mumbai. Tally Planet’s Tally Digital Sign Module is the kind of technology that is the need of the hour today.

Many companies in India email their invoices with a scanned image of the signature or without one at all. Such invoices are invalid as per the government’s invoicing rules. As per regulations pertaining to invoicing, an invoice can be authenticated by a digital signature. Organizations now have the option to digitally sign their invoices, purchase orders etc from/within Tally ERP 9, at just click of the button and easily send, store and retrieve the signed documents. With the Indian government announcing the Digital India initiative, many organizations are quickly moving towards becoming a paperless office.

The total cost of manual paper invoicing is always much higher as compared with e-invoicing. E-Invoicing significantly saves cost, time as well as efforts. The Indian government has allowed invoices, challans, and consignment notes etc, to be digitally signed with digital signature certificates and electronically sent.

Buy Tally Digital Signature TDL now

  1. Create GST Invoices, Receipts Purchase Orders etc in Tally as usual
  2. Install Digital Signature TDL after which you will get an option to export a Digitally Signed Invoice
  3. Make sure that your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is valid and the token is connected to the computer on which Tally is installed and you wish to digitally sign the invoice.
  4. Tally will ask the user to login into his DSC token. After entering the correct pin, the module will digitally sign the invoice.
  5. The Digitally Signed PDF document is now ready.
  6. Also, this module has the option to e-mail the same
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Add Digital Signature in Tally. Move with Digital India.